My Vesey’s Order Arrived

Blanc de Coubert Rose

Soon my pretty!

No pictures from me for this post, bare roots aren’t very interesting. The pic to the right is “aspirational” as I’m hoping that’s what my rose will look like in a month.

I ordered a few things from the lovely Vesey’s in Prince Edward Island, and they were waiting for me when I got home from work:

The Liatris were a nice touch, but I was a bit pressed to find a spot for them. My garden is small and they are threatening to be three feet tall. I put most of them around the AC unit to try to hide it. The others I nestled in the back where I don’t THINK I put any seeds.

I always do this to myself, throw seeds in the ground and don’t label where they are, convinced that I will remember. Then I forget before I make it back into the house. The situation is exacerbated when things start to sprout, since I can’t tell weeds from flowers.

Anyway – it fits well with my garden, it’s native and apparently hummingbirds and butterflies love it. So – welcome unexpected flowers! We’re glad you joined us!

Ontario beekeepers want pesticide ban

The whole bee situation is very worrying.

If you want to create a bee-friendly space in your yard, start at Evergreen Brick Works for some native flowering plants. They also have a great selection of plant lists for different areas of Canada. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, they have dozens of lists for our area.

Lee Valley has a good book about Native Pollinators, and they sell native bee houses. Learn more about why bees are important, and

what you can do in your own space to help all native pollinators, visit the David Suzuki Foundation.