More Perennial Planting

Japanese Blood Grass - Imperata cylindrica - Red Baron

Invasive eh? You jerk.

Up and out early to Sheridan Nurseries, and then back to plant:

I also threw around some seeds, for the hell of it, we’ll see what happens. I planted matching seeds next to my coneflowers, astilbe and rudbeckia – plus sunflowers, sweet peas, chinese lanterns, cosmos, bellflower and nasturtiums.

I bought the Wisteria, despite having one, because it actually has flower buds on it. I’m amazed by that, getting them to bloom here is/was rare, I’ve never managed, anyway. I think some types just WON’T bloom until they are 10+ years old.


I’m more than a little bit horrified to read at Wikipedia that the Japanese Blood Grass is one of the most noxious invasive weeds IN THE WORLD!  Further research has made me feel a little better – seems like our cold winters keep it spreading so slowly that it can’t take over.  But when you read that a plant is more invasive in the U.S. south than kudzu, you feel a little bit bad for planting it. I’ll keep a close eye on it. Apparently the real risk is that the fancy red will revert to wild green, then take off.

It’s interesting though, and you see how these species can take hold and keep hold. I’m an inexperienced gardener, and I went to my local, reputable, nursery, and I bought a plant that I liked the look of, with no notion that it could possibly be a risk.

So much for my nice, mostly native, bird, butterfly and bee garden…

Spring Temptation

Stomp Stones

Grass needs work but Stomp Stones fool everyone.

Last weekend’s beautiful weather here in Toronto drew me outside to tidy my yard and edge my garden. Funny how “edging” turns into “expanding”.

Definite survivors from last season’s garden (my first ever) are:

Probable survivors include my Pink Beauty Potentilla. I haven’t given up on my other two hostas, nor my Black Knight Butterfly bush.

I found something fantastic at the Canadian Tire on Lakeshore – fake stepping stones that you just stomp on to put in place.  They’re pretty convincing, they’re cheap, and I can carry eight of them in a shopping bag. Try doing that with stone. Clearly, stone would be nice, but there’s only so much that you want to do when you rent your space. I can’t find the pavers at Canadian Tire’s site – but here is their website: Stomp Stone. (Don’t be fooled, they don’t cut through grass well). A little moss and some wishful thinking, and I have high hopes for them blending in.

Anyway, I restrained myself to stepping stones and bird feeders.  But I can’t wait to start planting. Soon!