That is not a chew toy!

That is not a chew toy!

You can never predict just how raccoons will mess you up next. I bought one of those big crate things for my deck, to store random things in.  Things like birdseed…

The first evil raccoon opened it up and hopped in to gorge himself. Fine.

I was moderately annoyed to open it and discover that the inside was covered in sunflower seed shells.  I thought maybe I’d get a lock for it.

Then last night, another, less clever, raccoon saved me the cost of a lock by displaying why one would be useless. I guess he couldn’t figure out how to pick up the lid. Strangely, he also chewed off one of the tabs where a lock WOULD have gone, as if to drive his point home.

Toronto in notoriously well-populated with raccoons, and the Beaches neighbourhood seems to have more than their fair share. They make me so angry, until they look at me with their cute little masked faces…

Fine, I’ll keep storing the birdseed indoors.

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